Spring Into Action

Spring has sprung ...

The days seem longer, the air feels warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom and you start to feel that familiar "spring fever" coming on. Time to shake off that winter layer and venture outside for some springtime fun. Here are some great activities you can enjoy this spring:

  1. PLAY IN THE PARK. The flowers are starting to bloom and the smell of fresh cut grass is filling the air. Pack up the family; invite some friends and head to your local park. Try interesting fellow park goers in a game of kickball, football, softball or Frisbee, play a quick game of tag, venture on a scavenger hunt or play fetch with your dog. Pack a yummy picnic lunch (don't forget your favorite Somersault snack) for all to enjoy in the springtime sunshine.


    Kickball/Softball: *

    Football: *


  2. GO GREEN. Going green may seem like a daunting task, but taking a few easy first steps will make it seem like a snap! Here are a few easy things you can do right in your own community to help keep Mother Nature going strong.

    ο Visit your local farmers market to buy your produce and to purchase local and organic items. Meet a new neighbor and farmer this weekend!

    ο Get your hands dirty and plant your own garden for produce- the month of May is a great time for tomato starts to be planted.

    ο Consider putting in a Xeriscape to help minimize water usage. Be sure to use non-toxic, organic products on your plants.

    ο Investigate composting in your community. Many waste facilities have started new programs for free! Better yet, start your own mini compost for excellent food for your garden.

    Gardening when done properly not only helps the environment, but is also a wonderful activity for grown ups and kids, alike (not to mention a great calorie burner).



  3. TAKE A HIKE. People of all ages love the outdoors and hiking is an excellent way to learn how to enjoy and respect nature. Hiking is a great way to spend quality time with friends (2 legged and 4 legged!) and family, as well as getting a great work out. Visit the National Park Service for access to great hiking trails in your area. To have a successful day in the great outdoors, proper planning is crucial. Be prepared for different kinds of weather, bring layers, pack a well-stocked first aid kit and emergency blankets. Also, pack plenty of water to keep well hydrated and lots of snacks (don't forget your Somersaults) to keep your energy high. If you have a furry friend accompanying you, be sure to bring extra water to share!

  4. PEDAL YOUR BIKE. Who doesn't love to ride a bicycle? The quick pace and ever changing scenery keeps everyone's attention. While grown ups appreciate the exercise, young children enjoy watching their surroundings pass by from a bike seat or trailer and older kids enjoy the independence of riding on their own! If you live in a quiet neighborhood, enjoy exploring the neighborhood on two wheels with your family and friends, or venture to a local park or beach that welcomes bicyclists.

  5. EVENING STROLL. Enjoy the evening daylight and extend that engaging conversation from the dinner table, to an evening stroll. Not only does this encourage continued interaction, it is also a great way to help digest dinner before going to bed. Be sure to select safe areas to stroll, with sidewalks or designated paths. If you find yourself strolling closer to dark, be prepared with a flashlight and be extra careful with your path selection.


Before you go out to play in the beautiful spring air, here are some tips to properly prepare:

Do you have a favorite outdoor activity? Share with us on facebook! Be sure to check back for summer outdoor activity ideas!

Happy Spring!

* The Mayo Clinic - based on a 160 lb person

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